My comfort isn't centred?? Well, you just lost your community a potential ally!!1!

What do you mean nobody wants to do perpetual emotional labour centring my needs over their own, thus distracting from their activist work in never ending derailing? Hope you didn't want me as an ally, then! What so you mean, "good riddance?" I guess I have no choice to direct my bottomless well of hostility in a less disingenuous direction!

@celesteh is this a reference to the dude who didn't like pink hats?

@vincentj @celesteh

It could a lot of my fellow white people in activist spaces. A LOT. Or just a regular day on the bird app.

@ElliAutisticHarpy @vincentj

I missed hat guy, but its actually because somebody here was talking about having a t shirt about not centring cishet comfort.

I'm super envious of the shirt, tbh

@celesteh i'm suddenly reminded of that sort of client who, after being repeatedly told that the specific thing they want you to do is illegal and unethical and they're not nearly paying enough upfront (say, enough to live comfortably on for the next 40 years while completely unemployed after one's disbarment), will threaten that they know so many people in the industry and you'll have a bad name among all sorts of potential clients they would have referred to you

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