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Yesterday, the UK government has criminalised the culture and practices of Gypsy Roma Traveller people living in this country.

All of us who are members of groups that have faced past or present attempts at government annihilation should stand together as allies. An attack on the GRT community is an attack on all of us.

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@celesteh you are fucking shitting me

at this rate we'll be seeing hitler salutes in the house of lords within 5 years

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Today is a holocaust remembrance day, so its some timing...

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Even those who haven't faced attempts should stand.

You give the government permission to persecute a group of people you don't like, you give that government and any government following permission to attack your human rights, and your loved ones.

An attack on the human rights of one group is an attack on all.

Human rights have to be for everyone, otherwise no one's is protected.

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