I love queer.party, but I think I want a Glitch instance.

Is there a really nice, reliable instance that is also super queer and has a fun URL?

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@cassolotl *points at eldritch.cafe*

queer, feminist, anarchist, lots of french but not exclusively so, up to date glitch, tons of queer people, trans admin, fun url

@cassolotl occasional downtime (i think we had like one or two downtimes since i've been here) but far far far less than birdsite

@cassolotl also markdown support (bc glitch), 5000 character limit, and pretty good moderation where banning nazi instances is concerned

@amberage @cassolotl I second eldritch.cafe. just logged on for the first time in ages and while I still have no idea what on earth glitch is, the 5k character limit is great, and it's a cool space

@cassolotl hey there, we’re on glitch, extremely queer, extremely purple, got no plans of going anywhere and no more than a day of downtime in the last few years, you might be interested?

@cassolotl Adding mastodon.sleeping.town to the list because it was pretty nice last time i logged in. Not sure if it has invites enabled.

@ehashman Oooo and it has a wiki, I love wikis and things that have wikis!

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