What with the thing about reintroducing wolves and the thing about French people filling in the holes in golf courses, I love the idea of planting lots of endangered trees (illegal to remove) very fast on a golf course and then running away, who's in

(I know I know, there's probably exceptions for when the trees were planted on your land without your permission/without appropriate planning permission, shush don't ruin it)

Wait wait no, I missed something even more obvious -

Reintroducing WOLVES to golf courses.

@cassolotl an adult brown bear can run around 50 km/h iirc which is way faster than a golf cart

@EnbyJo @cassolotl just about anything can run faster than a golf cart that's had the batteries mysteriously removed & sold for scrap

@EnbyJo @cassolotl why not both? the trees will get stronger from lack of being eaten by deer.

@cassolotl In both cases the bears or wolfs should EAT THE RICH!

@joenepraat @cassolotl bears and wolfs don't usually attack humans if they're not starving because they've learned that humans are trouble with spears over the millenia.

Let's therefore reintroduce the apex predator of the cretaceous period from that area to the golf course.

@joenepraat @cassolotl You think we could get them some T-Shirts with that slogan too?
Are there Bear sized T-Shirts?

@cassolotl People are sharing again a parodic video from 15 years ago (broadcast on French TV at the time) where a reporter interviews an activists who shits in the holes of golf courses every day.

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