Since there's ISSUES with transphobia in the Green Party at the moment, I did a very little bit of research before voting in the online internal elections (ends 31/08).

Here's the list of candidates for all 9 votes and what I found, to save you some time:

@cassolotl Part of the reason I don't trust white people who call themselves leftists is the transphobia/homophobia/misogyny/racism lurks juuuuuust under the surface and how willing they are to throw those groups in front of a bus with 'compromise' as a justification.

@cassolotl Interesting to see David Farbey on this list – and pleased he gets a ✅

(I knew David 20 years ago as part of the UK #TechnicalWriting community)

@cassolotl Well done! I cancelled my membership rather than do this research.

@sparrowsion Ahh understandable! I really hope they sort this out, the current transphobia situation in the Green Party is a mess. :S

Green Party (Eng+Wales) internal politics 

@cassolotl Thanks for putting this together! There does seem to be a clear consensus among the various Greens I respect whose Twitter accounts are public.

Green Party (Eng+Wales) internal politics 

I'll also be listening to Rosi Sexton and Martin Farley:

I also note that Tom Scott (not the red T-shirt guy!) is endorsed by the “transphobe-supporting mailing list”, despite agreeing to all 9 pledges. He won't get my vote.

Green Party (Eng+Wales) internal politics 

@greytheearthling Hmmmm yes that's very confusingly conflicted!

Green Party (Eng+Wales) internal politics 

I wasn't sure how RON worked, so I checked the election regulations doc linked from : “1.2 Provision for negative voting: [RON] indicates that no further candidates are acceptable to a voter. There can therefore be no transfers of preference from RON. At the count, votes for RON are treated in the same way as votes for a normal candidate, except that if RON is elected or excluded, RON's surpluses transfer to a new RON candidate.”

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