I've started a short and less official survey where you can rate how you feel about all the pronouns on a list.

It is open to EVERYONE regardless of gender or cis/trans status.


Open until at least 12 noon UK time on Tuesday 26th July 2022.


This survey has nearly 900 replies now, which is awesome, and I set the closing time to be a week from when I opened it but I want to write it up now. :D

So far so good on this informal pronouns survey for anyone of any gender - about 1,500 responses. :)


It could do with more men (especially cis men) participating, and more cis women too, so RTs welcome! It closes on Tuesday.

This informal pronoun survey is meant to end today, but I'd really like to get to 200 participants for both cisgender men and transgender women before I close it. It's at 139 and 123 respectively.


Open to everyone of any gender!

There have now been almost 2,000 responses to this pronouns survey that is open to ANYONE of any gender: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI

I'm still hoping to get 200 responses from all the Big Gender Groups, so I've made a public spreadsheet for those figures: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d

Only 11 cisgender men and 15 transgender women until results-publishing time.

Survey open to anyone of any gender (or lack thereof)!


(Also, hello to the person who said in the feedback box that the survey needs more ferrets; you are probably correct.)

Wait, 5 cisgender men and 2 TRANSgender women, sorry - it's 1am, brain not working. 👍

There have now been more than 200 responses in each of the Big Gender Groups so I'll be publishing the results of the pronoun survey soon, but not this evening because I'm literally falling asleep, and tomorrow might be busy, so you have a bit more time to take part.

@cassolotl I'm sure its okay but do you mind if I go through this data and do some analysis of my own? I have a few curiosities myself and I am interested in some particular intersectionalities between pronouns, gender (especially certain genders), and gender expression.

Of course if and when I do present this info I would make sure to credit you and state that it is my own opinion and analysis.

@ZenithTheReborn If it helps, all the data for the past 7 (ish??) annual gender census surveys can be found through gendercensus.com/results too, in spreadsheet form!

@cassolotl More data for the data-hungry brain! :blobfoxlurkowonotice:

Thank you! I will enjoy pouring over all the results and using that with my analysis. :blobfoxcomfysip:

@cassolotl Seems like overall comfort and "ease of use" is a driving factor here. Personally when writing about people with specific pronoun choices, I try to stick to them but it's definitely at least one proofreading pass just for neopronouns.

@cassolotl (i.e. They/they is pretty common historically and in colloquial usage so it's probably "easiest.")

@cassolotl Oh, and :slaps forehead: thanks for sharing the results!

@Dseitz I think it's hard to speculate on that with this particular set of data, because I didn't include a checkbox for "I'm not familiar with this pronoun set"! But yes that is a plausible theory, from casually eyeballing it, I think?

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