Those of you who have migraines:

Have you found that when you have a migraine coming on, there's a magic moment in the pre-migraine window and if you do [activity] in that moment you can mostly fend off the migraine?

(If so, what is your activity?)

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@cassolotl Yes. It is either eating a good meal, which helps sometimes, or if I'm not hungry, going to bed, so I'm asleep before the migraine hits.

@cassolotl honestly? take meds lights off gentle music, if i wait to long that just takes the edge off but in that magic window i can fend it off

@cassolotl eat all the meds and drink peppermint tea, and open a window. Also maybe a nap idk. XD

@cassolotl if I'm lucky, taking my painkillers eating something sweet and then munching something crunchy like peanuts until the aura fades is enough. Otherwise, some strong caffeine and a lie-down are in order.

@cassolotl Usually just getting to a dark, cool environment and staying still with my eyes closed for about 30 minutes seems to work... when I can manage it.

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