UK survey-filler-inners, assemble!


The UK government are doing a consultation about whether businesses should be allowed to label things in imperial units, now that we're free from EU restrictions. 🙄

Respond here if you think it's a terrible idea (open til 26th August):


Why have imperial units when decimal measurements just make so much more sense?? Genuinely I'd be up for switching to kilometres too, who can be arsed with the mental maths involved in imperial units.

Decimal TIME, now *that* is the kind of progressive thinking I want to see. :D

For the people who are considering complaining about the week starting on a Sunday - check out this from the Reddit post comments: (But yes I'd like the week to start on a Monday too!)

@mofumofu tells me that most of Latin America starts the week on a Monday, but I'm leaving this up because it does at least show that different countries have different work-start conventions. :)

@cassolotl This makes a lot of sense from a practical point of view. Not thrilled about my birthday always being a Monday though 😅

@Arlandria Oh yeah, your birthday moving around in the week *is* fun, I would miss that!

@cassolotl Especially when you’re a child. All those lucky weekend birthday havers, with their bouncy castles at the church hall, but me and my Monday just have PE and Daddy working late because the weekend release went wrong.

@Arlandria Aw yeah! You'd end up having an unofficial weekend birthday that's slightly offset from your actual birthday in the same way every year.

@cassolotl this seems to be an implementation of the "kodak calendar"

except the kodak one also accounts for leap years by adding an extra non-weekday in june

@devurandom Oh I saw something about that in the comments, that's cool. :)

@paeneultima Yeah, different countries consider that the week starts on different days, it's going to be tricky to agree - I'm with you though, start the week on a Monday.

@cassolotl that’s not right. Most of latinamerica starts the week on Monday

@mofumofu Ohhh strange, I wonder where they got their info? D: Ugh. I will tweet a correction, but I will leave it up because it does show that some places in the world have different week-start conventions.

@cassolotl I like the idea, but good luck getting it to actually catch on as there's a lot of inertia to overcome and any transition is going to be a mess for a couple of years at least. It's not going to be like the switch to the Gregorian calendar where 10 days just vanished into thin air.

@cassolotl normal year is 365 days though, not 364. This calendar would go out of sync really fast.

@cassolotl Stupid Reddit's "wisdom" The year is 'n exactly 365 days, but 365 days, 6 hours, 9 minutes and 9 seconds. It means that after a century year will be almost a month late.

If leap year will be added, it will change weekdays and this"wistom" project will collaps.

Please stay with the flat earth idea and don't produce new once.

@m0iga If people could please for the love of god read the text of the calendar before criticising the calendar to me, a person who did not create the calendar, I would appreciate it. Reply guys are the worst. (That's you.)

@cassolotl Sorry, my fault. I have used "you" and it coud looks like it was directed to you personally. My Eng is not perfect and I think in my native language still . My language has two meanings of "You" as a recipient of the message and "you "as any reader of the message. Sorry one again.

@m0iga And if you want to complain about the calendar, I don't care - go and complain to the person on Reddit instead. Even if you are not addressing me personally, I do not care if you don't like what I tweeted, and I don't care if you made a mistake and didn't read it properly.


tbh we've been in dire need of a new calendar for quite some time, the current one is a total mess
I really like this one

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