people, how do you feel about Adele saying "I love being a woman"?

Full quote: "I understand why [this award is now gender-neutral] but I really love being a woman and being a female artist. I do. I’m really proud of us, I really, really am.”

There are 354 usable votes on this poll from Twitter and Mastodon combined, which is pretty good! I'll post helpful graphs when they close in 5 days. Any trans people who've not voted yet, take a look? :)

This is like a month late, but. :D

I filtered out the "see results" votes, worked out how many people voted for what, combined responses from Twitter and Mastodon, there were 399 useable votes, and here's the result:

@cassolotl smol quote: 🎊 :blobthumbsup: :yayblob:

full quote: ... :blobconfused: 🎊 ?

it's the sort of thing that could have Implications but it doesn't necessarily? also, is the award actually gender neutral or just inclusive of nb people, that I don't know

@cassolotl E) I neither know who Adele is, nor which award this is about. :blobsmilesweat:

@cassolotl True. Maybe someone (…) did completely miss option C)… :psyduck:

@cassolotl strikes me as a bit unnecessary to say it in that context, just bc like, "something something women get more attention than people who aren't binary do so was it really necessary to bring it up there" kind of thing, but I don't think it's a big deal either. Not bad enough to make me have heard about it multiple times now, ae.

@cassolotl Unsure, but it seems like it's probably fine? we don't know the context well enough to jump into a debate on it

- 🎒💧

@cassolotl tried to look up what the context was and duckduckgo just gave me a wall of terfchud media like it's one of those nonissues that no one else bothers reporting

so what happened? was it just a merger of best male artist and best female artist into a single award?

When you get rid of an award for women, there is risk of quietly getting a male dominated stage (again). Merging does seem like a step forward though. But we do still live in a patriarchy, the gender binary is still the norm if not their life for many. Being proud to be a woman is still something that deserves a stage.
A fight against terfs, can't be a fight against women.

@cassolotl At first glance I was unsure, and voted as such. However, having reviewed replies to this thread, my opinion has shifted to "...that's some awkward phrasing that, on examination, makes me want to avoid this person in future."

@cassolotl sorta conflicted because I don't fully agree with the mutually exclusive tone she uses?

Good for her, she loves being a woman, good for her, she's proud of women, you can't fault her for that. But I also don't think the gender neutrality of an award stops her from loving being a woman and being proud of other women.

You can't label her as anti-trans with this quote alone, it's not actively malicious at all, and she does say she understands why neutrality is important.

@cassolotl before i read more about the context i was like "meh, i don't care, this doesn't immediately read as bad, maybe clueless, i can definitely smell potential TERF flocking to it, i don't really care about what cis women celebrities are up to in general"

@rabbithearth my original response (to the quote in Cass’ poll) was basically ‘good for you? Not sure why I’d care’

@Satsuma yeah. really rough how much TERFs flock to and weaponize shit like this.

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