Today I had my first Dog Poo + Wheelchair experience, and so PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG OKAY.

It's not just people's shoes it might affect, when dog poo gets on wheelchair wheels it will probably end up on the disabled person's hands and sleeves too! PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG.

@cassolotl I've gotten it on the tip of my white cane too, and found out when I went to fold it up... Which of course meant I got dog poop on my hands and my jacket.

One thing I learned from my children when they were smaller is that they're so full of wonder they don't look where they're running and often run straight for the dog poo. After getting the Arrogant Worms song about dog poo in my head I told the kids that it was either dog poo or person poo, we weren't sure since we didn't see. Now my kids are older and know to look down for poo and not up in wonder.

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