Are you interested in seeing future Harry Potter stuff?

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I was never really a HP fan but kind of liked the movies. JKR has killed that interest completely dead.

@cassolotl yes and no, I'm not uninterested in fantastic beasts but the day she gets another cent of money from me is the day hell freezes over

@cassolotl I can’t see the poll, as you know. But nope. Nope. As long as she has creative control and gets money out of it, I want nothing to do with it.

@cassolotl maybe as part of a JKR redemption arc… i don't like to give up on people, changing minds i the only way society advances. but i'm not holding my breath either seems like she dug in her heels pretty deeply.

otherwise i also just kinda outgrew HP stuff i guess…

🔴 No, because of JKR [implied: only]
🔴 No, for other reasons [implied: other than jkr]


@cassolotl i had an insight the other day as to why HP has been so popular these decades and nothing has been able to replace it

it was not a pleasant insight

basically it boils down to what Moorcock said about The Lord of the Rings, but actually true - if Tolkien tried to provide an escape from our modern prison, Rowling just puts a Live Laugh Love over the bars

perfectly safe to enjoy in view of the wardens and snitches

@cassolotl I voted for "other reasons" on the grounds that I stopped caring about the series at a point in time long before her transphobia came out.

@cassolotl I checked "for other reasons" because I was never really that interested in additional HP canon even before JKR went full TERF. I did like the first Fantastic Beasts film but the existence of the series in general made me roll my eyes, and I wasn't interested in checking out Cursed Child either. I would have liked the series to end with the books so that fans could just take the universe from there.

@cassolotl Other reasons:

1. Much better young reader sff published.

2. Theme park is jumping the shark.

3. Mega franchise fatigue. Not interested in LOTR turning mega franchise either.

4. Celebs saying bad stuff is low hanging fruit. And I'm trying to get away from "someone is wrong on Twitter."

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