Okay so I'm looking at mailing list options for the Gender Census, because we've hit the cap of 5,000 subscribers on TinyLetter. (🤯)

If I send 3 emails to 6,000 subscribers on Zoho it's £250 with credits, and that the best I've found.

Anyone know of a better option?

@cassolotl I use Sendy - HTTPS:// - and I host it myself, it uses Amazon Web Services simple email system to do the actual sending. It costs $1 per 10,000 emails to send. There's a one off fee of $69 for the Sendy software, that does all your mailing list management and newsletter design.

@gomez Oooooo! That sounds good, I'll look into it. :D Thanks!

@cassolotl I just did a cursory look and there's a suite called Ghost that may work. It has a Pro version that's paid but self-hosting appears to be free.

If you use YunoHost, you can get it up and running fairly easily as an app, from the looks of it.

There's another I came across called Mailman which is also available in YunoHost.

Hope this helps!

@cassolotl I currently self-host.

All you need is a domain you own, a spare computer connected directly to the internet or a VPS bridge, access to your zone record, and some reputation control efforts.

I've got tutorials on it if you need guidance.

I've had good experience using mailtrain (v2):

But you still need a mailserver with some existing traffic.

@Cas [main] If you can self host, you can always try Sympa or Mailman. There's also phpList which is more geared towards the newsletter segment of mailing lists. And probably lots of simpler alternatives, at least if you're just looking to host one or very few lists.

@cassolotl I‘m using

Works nicely without outage, reasonable pricing.

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