Big UK news, also the Tories and Mumsnet transphobes can get in the sea????

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4/ Question: did you know that up until 1970 trans people could just get their birth certificate corrected?
And that that suddenly stopped? No one knew why.
Most didn't even know that this happened. Until this case was exposed: inews.co.uk/news/long-reads/se

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Big surprise,* trans people lost the right to self-ID correction of birth certificates in the UK in the 70s not due to FRAUD or whatever other bollocks, but due to cis men wanting to prevent trans men from inheritance/succession stuff, i.e. THE PATRIARCHY.

* not rly tho

@cassolotl the book Trans Britain traces it back to a divorce case. Is that not true?


A "democracy" with secret legal precedent.
The parliamentary system is a sham.


I should have read the article before replying. The known case was Corbett v Corbett, but this was secret precedent in that case.

Mrs Corbett was a former model, married to an aristo. The secrecy demanded by the judge for the previous case and the male progenitor problem was not extended to her and the tabloid press absolutely savaged her.

@celesteh @cassolotl that's mentioned in the article and I thought that too, but apparently this other case was kept secret till now

@wolfie @cassolotl

I hadn't realised how invasive and awful the medical part of that trial was.

@cassolotl Jan Morris talks in “Conundrum” about getting her amended birth certificate delivered by a man from the Ministry - I always wondered what happened to that

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