Okay, here's the new John Lewis insurance advert (1min, music but no dialogue): youtube.com/watch?v=5od8Wuv_AA

The tweets that follow are polls about it. Everyone should be able to vote in at least one, and there are "see results" options. Give it a watch and then scroll down.

Men who AREN'T trans, would you consider this ad:

[ ]

Women who AREN'T trans, would you consider this ad:

[ ]

Men who ARE :transgender_flag:, would you consider this ad:

[ ]

Women who ARE :transgender_flag:, would you consider this ad:

[ ]

people :nonbinary_flag:, would you consider this ad:

[ ]

If you're more than one (e.g. nonbinary trans man), feel free to vote in more than one poll. :)


Evening crowd - a thread of polls! ^

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Last bump for these polls about the new John Lewis advert. :D

Many moons later, I finally get around to showing you the results to these polls.

There were under 40 usable votes for every group except nonbinary people, because everyone I know is nonbinary, oops. :D Here's a graph, anyway: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d

I originally ran this poll because as far as I could see, the vast majority of noisy people on Twitter complaining to John Lewis about how disgustingly sexist this ad was were transphobes who otherwise tweet their anti-trans views frequently.

I wonder how those transphobes would feel if they knew that, in my poll at least, the demographic they're most likely to agree with is trans women.

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