Okay, here's the new John Lewis insurance advert (1min, music but no dialogue):

The tweets that follow are polls about it. Everyone should be able to vote in at least one, and there are "see results" options. Give it a watch and then scroll down.

Men who AREN'T trans, would you consider this ad:

[ ]

Women who AREN'T trans, would you consider this ad:

[ ]

Men who ARE :transgender_flag:, would you consider this ad:

[ ]

Women who ARE :transgender_flag:, would you consider this ad:

[ ]

people :nonbinary_flag:, would you consider this ad:

[ ]

If you're more than one (e.g. nonbinary trans man), feel free to vote in more than one poll. :)

Last bump for these polls about the new John Lewis advert. :D

@cassolotl @Jo my only questions are how insurance seems to work for rich people cause i could never imagine making claims on any of the example damages. i had a literal armed break-in happen and my "normal" insurance was basically like "lol shit happens"

@cassolotl As a nonbinary Stevie Nicks fan, I kinda love it, though I would have made some changes.

@cassolotl I feel like it's one of those ads specifically designed to get people riled up and talking about it (see the comments on the video, it's working!). Not sure why else they'd choose to have a kid who everyone reads as a boy wear a dress and put on make up... (Not saying the kid /is/ a boy, just that the ad specifically makes it seem that way)

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