Men who are NOT trans and who cannot bear a child and give birth, how do you feel about that?

a) I wish I could become pregnant and give birth
b) I'd be up for it but no strong feelings either way
c) I'm glad I can't become pregnant and give birth


Women who are NOT trans, how do you feel about your past/present/future ability (or inability) to give birth?

a) I don't want to be pregnant/give birth, or wish I was unable
b) I'd be up for it but no strong feelings either way
c) I'm glad I can become pregnant, or wish I could

I'm making graphs of the results (with the "see results" votes removed), and so far there are 34 votes from non-trans people on Twitter and 15 on Mastodon, so RTs and boosts and stuff are very much appreciated! :)

19 usable (not "see results") votes from cis men, and 3 from cis women, so far.

From Twitter and Mastodon combined, these polls have 171 useable responses from cis men and 241 usable responses from cis women, and the results are *really* interesting!

It'd be really cool to get a big, diverse group. If you might have cis followers, please boost! <3

The results to these polls are getting *more* interesting as they leave my immediate social media circle. (228 men, 291 women so far.)

@cassolotl I was A for a long time, then shifted to a B for awhile. I had a baby in 2020 and I think I’m back to an A. I’d still be a B, but I don’t want to go through it again. If that all makes sense.

@KARiley40 Yeah, it does! I'm sure there will be a lot of people whose answers are a bit complicated and unquantifiable like that, and I'm into it, I like to know about the people who don't fit into the boxes. :) Thank you for telling me about it!

@cassolotl any time! You are also always welcome to prod me with random questions if you need anything.

@cassolotl I'm not quite cis and feel uncomfortable calling myself a woman, but I have the equipment, so I voted.

I used to be closer to B (as in "I'd be up for it under a specific set of circumstances and conditions"), but the older I get, I'm more like "I don't want kids, I want to make art".

@cassolotl I used to be blasé about it until I got older and started dating someone seriously that I could see myself starting a family with

@cassolotl Hmmm, that was much harder to answer than I would have thought. Actually... when I was younger, it would have been B. When I then was pregnant and the first three years after giving birth, it was clearly C. After having a miscarriage, it was A. 😕
And now I.. don't know. I tend to C, but... So much anxiety that the next pregnancy would not work out again. So much pressure because it's *my* body that's "responsible" for everything working and that it's me who has to bear almost all the consequences. I honestly wish the next pregnancy would be on my husband.

@cassolotl for the 2nd poll, I was curious about being pregnant and labor (although ambivalent about actually having/raising a child.) Then I was pregnant and hated it (and found labor the best part so at least the pregnancy was over.) Then was postpartum and nursing and also pretty unhappy with my body doing all that (nursed 2 years.) And very very glad when that was all done + no desire to repeat it. But am infinitely grateful I have the child I have and would do anything for her.

@cassolotl i voted A. i think pregnancy is scary and uncomfortable, and while i really like kids, i don't want to bear them and be a mother.

@cassolotl I'm in a pinch : I (a cis woman) don't know what to answer.
For the longest time I didn't want to give birth. I didn't want children at all.
Few years ago I'd have answered A in a second.

Now, I want children. I am the only one of my couple that can bear a child, adoption is out of the question.
But I still feel afraid and uncomfortable with the idea of giving birth.

I'm definitely not a C, but I'm not a B either, since I have strong (and conflicted) feelings about it.

I guess I don't fit in your statistics 😅

@cassolotl Got news a few years back that my condition would result in my death from pregnancy and so really, uh, not down for that, so definitely an A.

Despite this, still can't get the equipment removed :blobcat0_0:

@ositalinguista WOW, you would think they would just remove the danger organs?? (They could even leave your ovaries in so you don't get osteoporosis and such, there's really no good reason for them to be bastards about it! 🙄)

@cassolotl I went for B because I want kids but have mixed feelings about pregnancy. So it's kind of like, yes I am up for being pregnant but I don't have strongly positive feelings towards it...?

@cassolotl The results surprised, maybe even shocked, me. I thought most people would want to give birth/have children. Thank you for this eye-opening poll.
Now I wonder what the reasons could be ...

@Bella Well, the results will definitely be heavily biased, because internet users are a subset of the general public that is skewed a bit younger, and then users of social media are a subset of those people, and then the actual poll participants will be the regular users subset, and also the "followers of Cassian and their followers in turn" subset... So yeah I don't think it is at all representative!

I guess that's a long way of saying "people with kids don't have time for Twitter"?

@cassolotl 😂 Hm. You could be right. I rest my case 😉

@Bella @cassolotl I thought so too and I wonder why cis men don't want to have the ability to get pregnant. To me more freedom is better

@Bella @cassolotl maybe. I read the poll as "want to have freedom to get pregnant" not "do you wish you would be pregnant right now". Maybe some people did understand it that way, maybe not.

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