People who have been professionally diagnosed with / , a for you.

Have you ever dislocated a joint?

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Just got asked by someone from not-the-UK what A&E is - accident and emergency! Commonly called ER in the USA, I think?

@cassolotl I'd never heard of it until this morning when my wife mentioned her friend had it...

@mindshoot Ha, it's that thing where you suddenly hear about a thing several times in a very short space of time!

@cassolotl my wife thought it might be an example of phones listening to us, but I'm pretty confident the fediverse doesn't work like that..!

@mindshoot Haha, the universe works in mysterious ways, maybe. :D

@cassolotl What's "A&E"?

I have EDS and I'm diagnosed by my general doctor

@CyberSaloperie Accident and emergency, I think it's called ER in the US?

@cassolotl is it going to the medical emergencies or having a work stoppage?

@CyberSaloperie I don't know what a work stoppage is! It's where it's bad enough that you need someone to take you to hospital very urgently to give you emergency medical care, may involve an ambulance, etc.

@cassolotl aah!

so yes, i went once to hospital very urgently to give me emergency medical care ^^

@CyberSaloperie I'm happy that we've successfully communicated across a language barrier, but also sad to hear that your joints have caused that much trouble!

@cassolotl that was the chronic fatigue and burnout, not my joint specifically ^^

squeemish medical stuff, dislocation 

@cassolotl I learnt entirely on my own how to put back my joints, including when I dislocated a rib. most common one for me is my toe

squeemish medical stuff, dislocation 

@foxes I feel like we're probably better at putting our joints back than doctors are - we've had more practise! :P

squeemish medical stuff, dislocation 

@cassolotl yeah!

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