1. Don't be a downer in replies for no good reason.

2. No unsolicited advice.

3. If someone says something nice to you, boost a post of theirs that you like.

4. If someone is rude/unhelpful/a downer in your replies, block-unblock them to get them off your follower list (or just block them if they don't follow you).

5. Use hashtags sometimes, and when you do, click on them and boost the good stuff to federate it about.

@cassolotl 4) Plus down-vote when your software supports down-votes.
@unfa Yes, at least on #Friendica I can downvote on comments and posts/topics. As I said, not all support it but generally #ActivityPub supports it.

@cassolotl @ChrisWere I would add to this that muting someone can be handy sometimes (E.G. You follow someone, but don't want their posts showing up in your timeline). And Mastodon allows you to mute someone, but still receive notifications from them, which is the option I almost always choose. You can even specifically mute boosts only. Am I the only one to do this? Does everyone else just unfollow people they don't want to see?

@TheFake_VIP @ChrisWere Oh I do mute boosts sometimes! But like, yeah, if you don't want to see someone in your timeline and you still want to be able to see their replies, unfollowing and muting-except-mentions do basically the same thing, right?

@cassolotl I have some unsolicited advice for you!

You see, all you need to do is...

Aw, darn it, I did it again!

@cassolotl again, someone in my timeline giving unsolicited advice ... and then complaining that others do.

Cas: look in the mirror.

Stop giving people EXACTLY what you are criticizing them for.

@Truck Yeah fair point, my intent was to get across "no unsolicited advice in replies" (in line with point 1), but also you're being an absolute dick in tone so I'll just block you anyway. :D


Very good advice, thanks a lot!

A little addition to 4. "block-unblock them to get them off your follower list"
-> this is sometimes referred to as "soft block" (when I first heard that term, I didn't know what it's about, so it might be handy to have it around your definition).

@cassolotl Is there a reason folks curate their follower lists more on here than on Twitter? Like why are follower requests + tweet visibility two separate toggles?

I think it would help with harassment maybe? But then again I’m never sure on these things

@samwightt For me, I'm happy to tweet publicly but it's really nice to be able to check my followers before I accept them. Before I locked my account I would post publicly and get a LOT of reply guys, and locking my account made a huge difference - now I just reject anyone who is obviously a man with a coding-centric account and blammo, reply guys are extremely rare now! :D But I like that my posts are still boostable etc.

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