A poll for cisgender lesbians! Which statement fits your views best?

(RT this to boost it out of my circle because I'm trans so bias etc.)

a) Trans women are women and deserve recognition and rights

b) Trans women are men and shouldn't be recognised as such

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Cisgender: adj. Gender is the same as the one assigned at birth. Not transgender.

So if you're a woman and you were assigned female at birth, you are cisgender.

Jesus Christ, the French lesbians on Twitter are at it again, seeing me as the enemy and quote-tweeting me about it and thereby unintentionally promoting my stuff? Will they never learn. :D

Making a poll to find out if lesbians are trans-friendly on the whole: divisive and harmful, promoting unnecessary conflict among queer people.

Engaging in conflict with fellow queer people by quote-tweeting them and arguing with them: fine apparently?

I guess the queer political/discourse climate on French-speaking Twitter is very different from what I usually see on my mostly-UK timeline.

@cassolotl "noo you can't post threads where lesbians may show trans inclusion, it will create conflict among lesbians"

how? because it may show that TERF ideology is not as widespread as they pretend? lol

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