Lesbians! Has anyone ever implied that you shouldn't call yourself a lesbian because it's outdated or problematic?

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I made a spreadsheet to remove "see results" answers and combine Twitter and Mastodon votes, and this is what it looks like. Alarming??

@cassolotl no, but I've never preferred the term, even back in the 80s when I really didn't know another word for it. So I don't get pressure from others, it's my own preference not to use it.

@cassolotl wow.. 1in 2 lesbians have been told off for calling themselves that. (out of a sample size of 30ish) That's awful

@kat I have made a little spreadsheet to reverse engineer vote numbers from polls and remove the "see results" votes and give me a graph, so now that the poll is closed I'll go do that.

Agreed, it is definitely awful. I had no idea the numbers would be so high.

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