people in the UK who've had treatment on the NHS in the last 5 years, a for you.

Have you had to lie to your NHS gender clinic in order to meet their criteria and get the treatment you needed?

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I made a spreadsheet to remove the "see results" votes and then combine votes from Twitter and Mastodon, and it looks like this. Eeeeesh.

@cassolotl i felt like i had to adjust elements of my story and presentation to fit what they were expecting, to avoid roadblocks being placed in my way.

@cassolotl and i'm quite binary and conventional. i dread to think what convolutions and contortions other less binary people or people with less standard narratives feel they have to perform.

@FuchsiaShock @cassolotl

This represents my experience also. I had to retell my life story so many times to fit gatekeeper's agendas that it stopped belonging to me.

I counted this as "not lying".

(also, jesus, the ratio on this...)

Clicking see the results.
But feel we are certainly going to have to, as everyone going through the GIC we are on the waiting list for has had to....

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