Welcome to Handwarmer Season 2020. :D

Machine-washable, 75% superfine merino, ✨SPARKLY✨ handwarmers. In various combinations of purple, grey and green.

They are so beautifully extremely soft and warm. Merino, friends: it's good.

£17 per pair, plus P&P from the UK.

One size fits all.

DM me if you've got any questions or you want to claim a pair.

More of my stuff for sale here:

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(If these sell well, I'm considering buying more of the same yarn but in pride flag colours, so that people can have SPARKLY PRIDE FLAG handwarmers. :D)

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I case anyone is curious and wants to make their own, the yarn can be found here:

It's by and I want it ALL to come back in stock IMMEDIATELY because it's so gorgeous. 😭 (They have grey, pink, and some yellow miniskeins at the moment.)

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#7 is gone, and #6 is earmarked. :)

So it's just #1, #2 and #3 left! You all love stripes, it seems? *takes notes*

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Here's what's left of those super soft merino ✨SPARKLY✨ handwarmers: 2x grey, 1x purple, both with silver sparkles.

£17 plus P&P from the UK to wherever you are. Mostly merino wool, machine washable. DM me if you're interested! :)

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#3 is gone! :) Only #1 and #2 (both grey and sparkly) left.

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@cassolotl what is approx shipping to the US?

19140 is a zip nearish me, if you need one to check with

@Satsuma It'll be the same to anywhere in the US, and it's £4 airmail (about a week) or £3 surface mail ("42 days aim"). :)

@cassolotl I almost never need warmers (I'm always too warm), but darn, these are some of my favourite colours! (As you can probably tell from the icon.)

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