@eldang Does the black stripe still represent agender/nonbinary people the way the white stripe was intended to?

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@cassolotl @eldang Yes, because black agender and black nonbinary people exist...

@Nymphia @eldang I definitely am aware of that. :D I am happy with whatever colour, as long as nonbinary and agender people aren't being removed from the flag. There's a lot of "nonbinary people aren't really trans" sentiment in the world, and surprisingly few people are aware that the middle white (or whatever colour) stripe was meant to represent us from the start, so I'm a bit protective of it! But yeah, as long as no one is removing us, and it sounds like that's the case, I'm fine with it.

@Nymphia @eldang Not that anyone needs my approval obviously, just that I'm happy to go along with whatever as long as its in line with the original nonbinary-inclusive thing and trans still includes nonbinary.

@cassolotl @eldang The black stripe originally represented the violence and discrimination black trans people experience and the flag was to be a symbol to call out those injustices. Raquel Willis has also said "Black is queer. Black is trans. Black is non-binary. Black is gender-expansive" (but not specifically in context about the flag). So, we know where the designer stands on those points, and people are bearing the flag with the intention that black replaces the white as more inclusive.

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