Would you rather:

1) Lockdown for 8 weeks. Can only leave your home to get food/meds. Only food and healthcare providers allowed to go to work. Borders closed. After 8 weeks the coronavirus is eradicated.

2) Several years of on-and-off semi-lockdown.

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@cassolotl i voted A but to be fair, we had the first type of lockdown in the UK, and it did not eradicate covid-19. it's gonna take a much longer sustained effort, more understanding of the virus, and probably an effective vaccine to eradicate it completely


@seafrog We definitely didn't have a lockdown that strict in the UK! People were encouraged to work from home but most non-shop businesses were allowed to stay open, underground trains were packed, if non-essential workers couldn't work from home they just, went to work... We were allowed out for exercise, various things weren't enforced, stuff like that. Whole factories of clothing etc. stayed open. Ours was one of the more relaxed lockdowns nationally speaking, as far as I know.


@cassolotl dang really??? i thought it was enforced way more than that!! but yeah to be fair a lot of ppl still went about their business as usual 🙄 to the point where i'm not sure if anyone would even listen if we were put on strict lockdown anyway. brits suck lmao


@seafrog Yeah that's a pretty good summary!

Covid mortality 

@cassolotl you didnt say anything about mortality.

I assume most people would take the first option because it imply less death overall

@cassolotl The first option would be my preference, but let's be honest. Unless there's full compliance, which is unlikely, there will still be flare ups requiring restrictions or mini lockdowns. Plus the borders would still have to remain closed.

Although that's still a much better situation than most countries the way things are right now.

@cassolotl unfortunately they can't do it in eight weeks, but the virus couldn't spread for eight weeks and so you can get rid of it too.

@cassolotl Voted 2) strictly because we are on semi-lockdown now. Not sure if tides are gonna turn, but fingers crossed.

@cassolotl Option 1 is what we thought and hoped we were getting here in my region, and now we are living option 2, because we couldn't do option 1 properly even while we were doing it.


@cassolotl it’d almost certainly be longer than 8 wks and you’d have to keep restricting travel afterwards (unless this hypothetical is happening globally?) but seeing as I’m high risk and shouldn’t go out except for food/meds anyway I’d definitely prefer a shorter, stricter lockdown

Also (hopefully) a lot less people would die that way

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