Coronavirus (poll for people in England) 

In England, from this Friday 24th July shoppers will be required to wear masks in shops, but staff will not.

People living or shopping in England, what are your plans regarding shops where staff are *not* wearing masks?

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I am not in England, so if folks would be up for boosting this to get it out to more people in England that'd be COOOOOOOL 😎

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Coronavirus (poll for people in England) 

@cassolotl why?

@cassolotl oh no not why the poll, why did they decide staff don’t need masks? I would think it’d be more important for staff to wear them, since they come into contact with many more people than the average shopper

@Satsuma Oh yeah I agree with your reasoning and I have no idea!

@cassolotl its a strange rule (i sympathize with people having to wear masks for full shifts, which has gotta suck, but if only for their own safety they should really be wearing them)

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