This would appreciate 1,093 votes, please!

Which of the following best describes how you think of yourself?

This poll only has a few hundred votes, and if you've voted you'll see that it's pretty biased by my followership...! Could you spare a boost, to help get this out of my nonbinary bubble and into the """general public"""? ✨

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@sunsetmoth 🤔 I should have put a "questioning/other" option, but the original poll with ages didn't have that so I totally forgot!!

@cassolotl Oof, this is a tough one. I'm male, but not a man. >.<

@cassolotl @IceWolf This list of options seems flawed, but I can't quite put my hoof on why

@moonbolt @cassolotl I mean, it does leave no room for me it seems. I don't consider myself nonbinary, but I also don't consider myself a Man.

@IceWolf @moonbolt @cassolotl Every time you say this it reminds me of Bill Bailey's "A bloke, that's good, reliable, no stress. But 'Man' has so much pressure to show COURAGE and NOBILITY and 'Cover up those table-legs, mother; they're inflaming my sexual ardor, FOR I AM A MAN!'"

@Azure @moonbolt @cassolotl know what, exactly! "Man" just has too strong a connotation of masculinity for me.

@IceWolf @moonbolt @cassolotl wouldn't that be "gender non conformity"? I guess that would be included in "etc"

@cassolotl @shiru__desu @IceWolf I mean, I'm binary female, but I've yet to call myself a woman, despite being of age

@moonbolt @cassolotl @shiru__desu Yeah, I don't feel I'm nonbinary, I don't fit there - but I'm also not a man. ):

@IceWolf @moonbolt @shiru__desu "Nonbinary, etc" is intended to include people who are neither binary nor nonbinary, if that helps?

@cassolotl @moonbolt @shiru__desu But like. It doesn't feel right.

If you'd had a "male" option, I'd've picked that. I don't feel like I fit in "Nonbinary, etc."

@cassolotl @IceWolf @shiru__desu Same. /Female/, absolutely, but /woman/ is only the closest listed option, not a proper fit

@stolas Checkboxes would definitely be more human-friendly! 🤔 I'll do that next time.

@cassolotl Just to record a remarkable thing about mastodon: when I filled this out the largest category - out of a sample of almost 400 - was "Nonbinary etc."

@cassolotl I think I might have more cis people following me than follow you. Boosted.

@cassolotl me, self-shitposting, but also sub-tooting no-one:

“[grousing] there are, just, too many trans women on this web site!”

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