Trans folks, how does drag make you feel?

If you aren't trans, maybe give us a boost? :)

@cassolotl depends on the performer and venue! commercialized drag aimed at cishet ppl often makes me uncomfortable, but there's so much more to drag than rpdr

@velexiraptor @cassolotl this p much. drag has potential but when it's made to cater to cis tastes it's a fucking mess

@cassolotl maybe I'd be more ok with drag if people in drag weren't mostly misogynistic

transmisogyny mention 

@cassolotl personally, if i could have had the option i would have said "personally don't care."

it's not harming me in anyway, so meh.

@cassolotl drag is okay if it's meant as performance art, drag as (over)sexualized and monetized thing is making me vomit

it's good that it exists, but the context matters a lot; collating drag with trans stuff seems easy to do, and only harms people. i would like for us to get to a point where we don't need drag because society no longer genders clothing, but it's not inherently good or bad

@cassolotl I have such mixed feelings...

I know a lot of drag performers via my photography work, and at one time legitimately thought RPDR was doing something positive for non-normative expression of gender, but these days I can't even get through an episode, it just sort of makes me sick to my stomach...

@cassolotl it’s not my scene. it used to make me uncomfortable and then i got over it.

@cassolotl Im cool with it in general on a small scale but it can run transphobic and misogynistic, and I don’t think drag translates well to larger screens than small local burlesque squads. It’s most powerful when it’s politicized to punch up against homophobia and transphobia. When it mocks people in power, it has power. When it makes cishet people slightly uncomfortable, it’s good. When it caters to them, it’s toxic af.

@cassolotl i think it's got the potential to be very very artsy and boundary-pushing and cool, but also i feel like the innherent transphobia in the modern cis-catering scene definitely needs to be addressed

@cassolotl mixed feelings at best as it depends on who does it, the target & a whole bunch of other stuff... like, i'm fine with some performers but otherwise just meh/very very uncomfortable :x

@cassolotl i don’t “like it” or think it’s good or anything, but i don’t think it’s bad either. it’s a neutral thing, it doesn’t bother me

@cassolotl imo, drag has boiled down to cisgay men's ideas about what women are. drag and other cismale queer calling cards were the most major influences on me taking so many years to consider myself queer, much less trans: I did not want to dress like a drag queen, or to mince and lisp.

Obviously, in the current century, drag has become more things to more people, including women and non-binary representation, progressive views of gender, etc. But I'm still uncomfortable.

@cassolotl I love drag but I hate the way social conceptions of drag affect the ways I interact with cis people

@cassolotl Mixed feelings sums it up. Drag is huge and varied, but the mainstream/often promoted even on smaller levels stuff is often the result of many decades of a co-opted form of expression. Does that still have value for a lot of people? Yes, but as with a lot of queer topics, the lack of awareness of the history, the downtrodden, the difficulties associated with drag, and the promotion of the easiest consumable form of the artform is incredibly disappointing, but very capitalist and white

@cassolotl I respect what its generally, philosophically trying to do in terms of breaking down and playing with gender norms, there are certain specific drag performers who are wonderful, and it's a good outlet for some to realize they're trans. But some performers and the way its marketed are...euggghhh. And i hate cishet people associating my trans self with drag at all, as it gives a completely incorrect view of what this is and how much it means to me.

Drag, RuPaul 

@cassolotl depends on the individual act. some acts i really enjoy. others make me cringe, or worse.

@cassolotl I voted mid but there should be an option for "eh not my thing but it doesn't bother me"

@EmilyIsRad Ahh yeah, lack of options! My instance only allows 4. Maybe I'll do a Google Form. 🤔

@cassolotl like its fine i get it but its very much not for me. ive really only seen cis gay men do it. so yeah for them i understand the aspects that go into the performance of it and i think having a space where others can play with gender is very very important so i would never bash it.

i really dont want to just throw stones unqualified so im trying to check myself. but i guess where my hesitations are is that its at a sensitive area so its easy to hurt others.

@sireffe Well I think it is okay to feel uncomfortable about stuff even if you "shouldn't" so the poll isn't really about why, you know? But yes, I get where you're coming from!

@cassolotl i don't personally do drag at all but generally seeing people doing drag at local pride stuff always was exciting and made me feel good to be there.

i also don't watch any tv shows about drag though, and from what i've gathered from them i agree with other people who've commented to say drag done for cis people seems like A Mess.

@cassolotl keep in mind that if you have a problem with transmisogyny and commercialism, you have a problem with capitalism and the individual drag performer; not the art of drag itself. :blob_cat_snug: :blob_coffee:

@cassolotl How about not policing other people's sexual expression.

@tfb Having feelings and policing someone's gender expression are very different things. One is internal, one is external.

Unless you're talking specifically about me doing the poll as policing someone?

@cassolotl I was referring mostly to the tweet you referenced.

Drag / Rupaul 

@cassolotl if I already voted on twitter, should I refrain from voting here?

@polyplacophora This poll is NOT very Science, but I might do a vote-combining thing, so yeah just click "show results" on this one! :)

@cassolotl I like it in general; I dislike it when people confuse costume with being trans

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