This came up yesterday on another account and I'm curious to know what the numbers look like. :)

Those of you with phobias, how do you feel about words like transphobia, homophobia, etc. to describe bigoted attitudes/acts?

Boosts are helpful to get many diverse responses!

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@cassolotl I'm not necessarily fully against it, and I often use those terms myself, simply because they're the most widely known and intuitive words I know to describe those things.

But with that said, I would ideally like to eliminate them from my vocabulary at some point. It's not a *huge* priority, but I do dislike the way that they conflate bigotry with fear, and I think ideally we would use other terms.

@cassolotl By phobias, do you mean any subconscious prejudice, or an actual phobia as in "fear"?

@turion As in very strong irrational fear. Like arachnophobia or similar.

@cassolotl Neutral tending a little toward the "dislike" side. I've accepted that word's meanings change over time, and words like homophobia are widely used and understood. On the other hand, I think using words that end in "-misia" (hate) is more impactful and more accurate, and I wish these words where more widely used.

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