Would anyone be interested in helping boost the signal for crowdfunding for

It's a properly gender-inclusive social network/online dating site, with killer pronoun features, and we only need £150 to cover hosting costs for a year. :)


We reached the goal for keeping the site online, so it's only £50 more until the site can keep all its features at Full Power. :D Thank you for the boosts! <3

Starfriends update: the crowdfunding money arrived, the hosting bill is paid, is back up! :)

Thank you everyone for all the boosts! <3

@cassolotl Thanks for broadcasting this! It's good to see such projects rise.

@teatime You're welcome, and thanks for helping get it out to more people! ✨

@cassolotl I'd never even realised people actively seek out queerplatonic partnerships, they feel like something people tend to just fall into.

That said, it's equally weird that people go out looking for a person to spend their life with romantically, and that's far more socially acceptable, so maybe it's just one of those things that are only weird because of societal factors.

@orangelamp Ahh yeah, some of my favourite emotionally intimate relationships have kind of grown organically without anyone trying, instead of me actually setting out to find a particular type of relationship to fit a niche! Actually *trying* to find a romantic partner seems weird to me for this reason, hehe.

@cassolotl Also, the ambiguity with be/do/have makes total sense but it also makes for entertaining misinterpretations like "I am Cats" or "you'd be cape". It's silly in the best way and needs to be preserved.

- cats should honestly be lower cased though, the capital C brings back memories of the Cats film -

@orangelamp Haa yes, the ambiguity is great but it does make things confusing! Maybe in this screenshot the wannabe archnemesis does in fact enjoy the movie/musical Cats? 🤔

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