A couple of days ago I saw a thread going around, encouraging people to buy from disabled crafters this Christmas, so here's my /trans/disabled contribution!

I make and flag handwarmers. £15 + P&P from the UK to anywhere. :)

ALSO my nerd makes some very niche science/maths/queer t-shirts and patches in all colours and sizes, if you want something extremely specific...!

(That molecule one is oestrogen, for the crowd...!)

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@cassolotl I'd love to get a pair of non-binary hand warmers

Do you have any in stock?

@cassolotl I filled out the waiting list form, these are really pretty ^^

@luna Alas, there are none in stock at the moment, but I just finished up the pansexual flag so I can do the nonbinary flag next if you like - the only problem is I'm out of white wool, but I do have white acrylic yarn! It's soft, but it does feel very slightly different to the wool yarn. What d'you reckon, would that work for you? 🤔

@cassolotl I don't know much about materials ;;;

Would be fine by me, if it's only a very small difference c:

@luna Yeah, I think if you're not super into yarn types it probably wouldn't be super obvious! Okay, I will get started on those now. :)

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