Example post, nothing bad under here, it's all meta and an LGBT pride flag 

Click "show more" in the previous post, and then click the image to show the sensitive content. (It's just an LGBT pride flag.)

Clicking "show less" currently hides the text again.

Now vote in this . :D


Clicking "show less" should...

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How often do you look at your list of starred/faved/liked posts here on the fediverse?

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If anyone felt inclined to boost these polls to get them out to the wider Mastodon userbase that'd be pretty awesome - I want to get some solid figures on how average non-Github-using Mastodon folks use these features and expect them to work, so that I can throw them at the devs!

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I'll stop boosting these soon. :D I'm just trying to make sure I reach people in as many timezones as possible!

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@cassolotl I mean I voted rarely because I tend to use faves to mean "yeah I kind of approve of this post" and sometimes I have to use it for "I want to come back to this later"

But I use them more rarely for the second because it feels impolite sending a network event and a notification to someone just because I want to remember a status exists later - like making noise for another mastopeep because I'm busy now feels rude.

Hence why I'm hoping the fave/bookmark split makes it into 3.0.2

@morix The bookmark feature got merged so that seems likely! :) I'm just wondering if they will be like "okay yeah faves are just a social signal, we don't need to provide a list of faved posts when bookmarks exist"...

@cassolotl but I can see browsing/searching old faves *also* being a useful feature, I mean if you're going to send network traffic and hassle someone's notifications may as well store s number in a database.

@morix Oh yeah, I forgot that some instances let you search faves! Hmm, that seems fine then, but also the list of toots you've faved is maybe still not useful as a feature on its own?

@cassolotl The list of things that I've liked with this account? I don't think I've ever looked at that. After finding the button (it's a tab in my profile), it seems to be disabled.
@cassolotl I guess it's an instance setting. Even if it existed, I have no reason to press it, since the requirements to be fav'd are very low. Compare to my reddit saved list, which I do check every week or so because I put posts in it that I actually care about.

@cadence Yeah, that makes sense! Thank you for your comments. :)

@noiob @cassolotl It does! Looks like I can also access that from the menus in GlitchFE, but not in PlemoraFE.

@cassolotl I feel like I should mention that this instance has a separate bookmark feature that I use more often, in addition to the star feature default masto has


Rarely to never, because I mostly use it as a means of communication in a conversation.

@cassolotl i use bookmarks for toots i want to look at afterwards. #GlitchSoc

Favs/Likes/Stars are just for expressing approval to me

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