Follow have defined non-binary as “relating to a gender or sexual identity that does not conform to the binary categories of male or female, heterosexual or homosexual”

folks, does "non-binary" describe your sexual orientation?

Here's the results, with the "show me the results" votes removed.

There were 253 votes from actual participants.

8% would describe their sexual orientations as nonbinary.
80% would not.
13% said they weren't sure, or that they would but partially.

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@noiob Do you mean the sexuality part of the definition is a new idea for you, or do you mean that your sexuality is newly nonbinary? 🤔

@noiob In that case, yeah, same! I've heard that queer can be both gender and sexual orientation, but not nonbinary!

@cassolotl That's... weird. I'm not personally opposed to people saying they have a nonbinary sexual orientation but I wouldn't know what they meant by it at first blush. To me it's exclusively about gender 🤔 wonder who they consulted when writing this definition, because it kind of feels like they didn't consult -us- lol.

@cassolotl Err, being nonbinary EFFECTS my orientation for sure, but.. no, the word bi still covers its nuance

@cassolotl my gender is nonbinary but my sexuality is ace, so... no, not even a little

@cassolotl I know bi erasure and ace erasure are a thing but "the sexuality binary" isn't a thing I've ever encountered anywhere

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