(Thank you to everyone who has shared this! ✨)

Thank you so much for all the RTs and boosts yesterday! :)

Here’s the remaining flag handwarmers stock:

- x1
- x1 (reduced due to minor flaw)
- x1
- x4
- Long rainbow-and-grey x1
- x2
- x1

There are also a bunch of rainbow handwarmers left, but I’m currently feeling that maybe I should switch from the current design (seven colours plus an extra red stripe) to a more accurate rainbow pride flag with only six colours and no repeats. 🤔

@cassolotl you could keep the same number of stripes and go all :ms_rainbow_flag:​ with brown and black

@noiob Interesting! No one has requested it before, but I have black already and I could get hold of brown fairly easily I think. Yerrrrssssss, this could work?

Maybe I'll do one of each and see how it goes!

@cassolotl I've seen the black and brown added on both ends, might be a cool option too

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