Mastodon is prone to bubbles.

When you look for new people to follow you check the public timelines, which by design mostly contains people already followed by people on your instance. It's hard to break out of that.

Here's what you do.

1) Go to but change the last bit to a hashtag of your choosing.

2) Click boost on all the cool stuff.

Also, use hashtags in your own posts and boost cool stuff with gay abandon!

This helps because everything you boost gets added to your own instance's federated timeline, and the federated timelines of everyone who follows you.

More importantly, it also adds those boosts to hashtag searches, making it easier for people to find posts about their interests using hashtag searches on their own instances.

Spreading the good stuff around the fediverse helps everything to interlink and keeps the timelines and Home feeds organically full, varied and busy.

If for some reason the boost button doesn't work:

1) Right-click on the timestamp.

2) Click "copy link address" or similar.

3) Paste the URL into your Mastodon search box and press enter.

4) Boost.

Another nice fediverse-enhancing habit that I enjoy is:

1) When you make a public post, use a hashtag.

2) Immediately click the hashtag.

3) Boost something cool and recent from that hashtag.

damn, I already wondered why I have e.g. more #gamedev entries on another instance then the one I am on. Thank you!

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