If your gender isn’t described by the M/F binary, please come and take part in this survey.

PLEASE NOTE that it asks questions about intimate topics like the gender you were assigned at birth, your hormones, surgeries you’ve had, etc.

There have been over 400 responses so far, but here is the age graph - it is really bugging me that there are no 39-year-olds!

Any binary-defying people aged 39 willing to jump in?? :D

(Please note that this survey asks questions of a sensitive nature!)

Normally I prefer not to reveal any statistics before the end, but if more people over 30 take part as a result of seeing this graph that’d be pretty okay actually - we’re already quite under-represented. 🤔

There’s a 39-year-old! THANKS <3 I feel better now. :D

Twitter and/or Mastodon, are you going to stand for this? (You can if you want, I actually don’t want to pressure you, even though I have been very survey-spam of late, sorry about that.)

@syrinx Haha, indeed! I did post it on /r/samplesize, but I guess no one upvoted so it didn't get much attention. :P

@cassolotl I almost skipped over this one because I thought it was a boost of the gender census, oh no!

@LazyTechsupport Ack I was worried that might happen, they're so similar in subject! I'm glad you caught it. :)

@cassolotl what's the purpose of this study? Just personal curiosity, or for your work/research?

@Kiki Every year I run the @gendercensus, and lots of people say in the feedback box that I should include questions about gender assigned at birth, but I feel really uncomfortable including such personal, intimate information in the same survey as a superficial one about language!

So, this is to sort of test the idea out and see how a separate "proper" survey on more personal topics might work. If it goes well, I'll consider running a bigger and better survey on GAAB via @gendercensus.

@Kiki But yeah, to answer the other bit of your question: I'm a passionate amateur, not an academic or a researcher or doing this professionally. :)

It's personal curiosity, but also activism - last year the gender census had over 11,000 participants, and lots of people tell me the results help them in their own business, activism, academic work, etc. (I make the spreadsheet of responses public so anyone can use them.)

@cassolotl oh cool, so you're the person behind the gender census! Mentioning the project relation in the A?AB survey would have helped 😅 I noticed the very similar questions at the beginning and wondered about the relation between the surveys.

@Kiki Ahh yeah, I wanted to keep this GAAB one very informal and unofficial, until I feel like I know what I'm doing a bit more! :)

@cassolotl is _anyone's_ gender described by a binary? None of us are bits

@jannamark That line of questioning is not really very helpful unless you're trying to undermine the existence of nonbinary people. Is that what you're doing?

@jannamark (Not meaning to accuse you of bigotry, just trying to understand your motives! Sorry, just realised I came across as very combative, and if there is a way to ask that question that's not trying to undermine nonbinary people then I will obviously be delighted, hehe.)

@cassolotl No, I am NOT trying to undermine the existence of nonbinary people.

The idea of a M/F binary maybe looks compelling on paper, but please let's consider how much time, skill, effort and beauty products it takes to maintain a socially acceptable level of conformity.

If this feels overly bigoted to you, I do apologize.

@jannamark Beauty products are about presentation and expression, not identity. Lots of cis men wear makeup, lots of cis women don't.

I feel like instead of me doing Nonbinary Genders 101 it might be better for you to do some research?

@cassolotl I think maybe you wanted to pick a fight today, and you did, congratulations, over and out.

@jannamark I honestly didn't, you just asked a question that bigots usually ask, and you asked it in the same way that bigots usually ask it. Like I said in the second reply, I didn't realise that my first response sounded combative until I re-read it. *shrug*

@cassolotl I thought gender was considered to be on a broad spectrum and not a binary?

My understanding of gender might well be hopelessly dated. I am sorry that I hurt you.

@jannamark That's okay, I'm sorry that I was so blunt at first!

I guess it is true to say that everyone's experience of their gender is unique, and it is definitely a complicated issue. But most men would say they are men and nothing else, and most women would say they are women and nothing else. They might be feminine men and feel a bit feminine sometimes, but still be men.

@jannamark It's like, man/male/masculine are each different things, but with most people they match up?

Man = noun for gender identity,
Male = sex and/or adjective for gender identity,
Masculine = expression and presentation and feeling that may or may not match one's gender identity.

And my survey is for people who don't feel like men, but also who don't feel like women.

Does that help at all? :S

@jannamark (I'm sure there are plenty of other people with different models of gender stuff, I'm definitely not saying mine is the One True Way or anything!)

Almost all people do describe their gender as a binary, yes!

White Christian colonizer cultures are so adamant about only two genders existing that they believe that not only their own genders but that of every person who ever lived are strictly binary.

So it's a big deal for non-binary people to assert themselves and for they and everyone else to have good information about them, as with this survey.

@cassolotl I feel like some definitions on the terms would be helpful to me, English is not my first language and I'm not that informed about some topics.

@Ichebi I recommend the Nonbinary Wiki for definitions of gender terms. :)

If there are others you need help with, I'd recommend asking around, like "can any English-speaking people help me? I'd love a definition for [word/phrase]!"

@Ichebi (I will make a note of this feedback, and see if I can link to a glossary or maybe make my own glossary if I do a survey like this again. Thank you!)

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