Would 5 people be willing to back up my UK Parliament petition to provide a Nest-like scheme for installing sound insulation in the homes of low income people for free?


(I’m autistic and struggling with the noise from my neighbours and the shop below!)

Once there’s 5 people backing me up, the petition will get sent for review, and then hopefully it’ll get approved and go live and I can start getting WAY MORE signatures. :D

There are now 6 signatures of support! :) Thank you everyone!

I will post a better RTable tweet with a link in it when the petition is approved, which hopefully it will be, but I couldn’t find anything similar on the petition site so it should be fine. :)

Oh. :( petition.parliament.uk/petitio

My sound insulation petition was rejected because it'd come under the Welsh Assembly. Fair nuff. 😭


If anyone in England thinks my sound insulation petition is a good idea and would like to repost it with their shiny English address and postcode, please do feel free to copy and paste it over!

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