🇬🇧 Hey, y'all! I'm doing a long overdue upgrade in some crossposter dependencies. If you notice the crossposter acting weird, please ping me ASAP! :)

🇧🇷 Oi, povo! Eu tô fazendo um upgrade que já devia feito há tempos em algumas das dependências do crossposter. Se você notar o crossposter fazendo algo estranho, me avisa o mais rápido possível :)

-- @renatolond


@crossposter @renatolond I have noticed that some Twitter-to-Mastodon crossposting isn't working the same as before, like:

queer.party/@cassolotl/1013911 should have a picture attached. Here's the original: twitter.com/cassolotl/status/1

And there was a quote-tweet that didn't crosspost in full but I deleted it instead of reposting. :/

@cassolotl @crossposter I saw it earlier and I was puzzled by it too, I'll try to check when I have some time! I'll let you know, thanks for letting me know ;)

@renatolond @crossposter It might be a queer.party-specific problem, because I just tried delete-and-repost to add a picture and got a 500 error?

@cassolotl @crossposter hmm, could be, the crossposter retries a couple of times to upload images and if it fails it keeps a link to the original picture

@renatolond @crossposter I thought it might be something like that. A link is better than nothing, definitely. :)

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