Maybe I'm weird but I'm finding it adorable that people are like "trees are the answer to climate change?? How unlikely! I'm surprised, gosh."

Maybe I've been into this stuff too long, but we do know this? "Save the trees" has been a major Earth agenda item for a long time. :D

But yeah, maybe this is a thing people don't widely know? So I should explain.

The problem is CO2 in the air is increasing, right?

Trees take CO2 and use it to grow. A tree is an investment, kinda, in that it removes CO2 from the air to build itself, more and more over decades.

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So buying recycled paper (and if you can't then buying FSC and responsibly farmed paper) is a huge deal, because it means large old trees stay in the ground, sucking more CO2 out of the air than small young trees and turning it into more tree.

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And an important step in reversing climate change is planting shedloads of trees. Like, 6,000 years ago the Sahara was a huge forest, more of that please? The Amazon rainforest is a truly epic carbon sink but people keep cutting it down, noooooooooo?

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But yeah, because their impact gradually grows over time, we need to plant lots of trees really soon (or now, now is good) so that they can start growing. Then our kids can be like, thanks old people for doing that and saving us a bit.

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We're doing a lot of stuff that's like, a doom investment. Like putting compostable things in landfill, which is airtight. It means things biodegrade years more slowly than in compost, but when it does start to biodegrade it makes methane (much worse than CO2 for climate change).

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Landfill is pretty hard to undo, and we try our best to siphon off the methane but it sneaks out in unexpected ways, so that's why lots of places have food waste collection now (and why climate people are fighting for that kind of thing and for reducing food waste).

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Oh and recycled paper also takes less water to produce. You know how making paper requires you to mash up the fibres with water? It's a LOT of water. Like, 168 litres per roll. But it's less if you buy recycled, AND it uses a waste product instead of trees!

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This special interest ramble is brought to you by me waking up at 6am because I have a really stressful day coming up that I'm trying not to think about!

Your mission:

- Save trees
- Plant more trees
- Buy recycled
- Compost your food waste


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(πŸ€” A lot of this might be wonky because I sort of absorbed it over many many years and brains are a bit crap, but! The mission tasks are sound.)

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