Censoring potentially triggering words by misspelling, shortening, abbreviating or replacing letters with asterisks makes it really hard for your followers to avoid those posts using word filters.

Examples I've seen: Orange Cheeto Man, sui, noodz, Tr*mp, ec

@cassolotl I agree somewhat but certain of these are like the standard tag? Like sui is the standard tag, similar to CSA

@cassolotl I think it’s not super fair to want people to have to spell out words that trigger them. Like a few tags isn’t bad fo learn and filter

@cassolotl sui has become the standard because the word suicide itself is often triggering, which I mention because its inclusion weakens your otherwise excellent and important point

@cassolotl I've spotted euphemisms like La Naraña, the Pharo-Wanna-Be, Twittler, and Maggat. Just in case you'd like to extend your blacklist.

@cassolotl the stars is what really infuriate me because if the readers know depite the stars then it is useless, and if the reader doesnt then they have to work extra hard to figure it out then it is harmful.

Abreviation are the other anoying one because they usually mean 10 things and it is so tirering to find which one, I give sentence with 2 or 3 abreviation

@cassolotl but if the shortened word has become common, couldn't it just be added to the word filter as well? Seems easy enough as long as everyone doesn't invent their own original abbreviations

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