Making binary trans people use Mx as their title just because they’re trans is forceful de-gendering!

(Or misgendering, if you think Mx is a nonbinary-only title!)

@cassolotl i'm nombinary and using mx for me would be misgendering simply because i feel it doesn't encapsulate who i am. I so much prefer miss.

@Pyretta That too! Obviously forcing titles on anyone is v rubbish.

@cassolotl Why am I surprised this is a thing? You'd think I was past surprise on bullshit like this by now.

@jessmahler Yeah. :( It's usually because of lack of diversity training and lack of understanding, like how sometimes you still hear about women being told they can't be a Ms on the system because they're not divorced!

@cassolotl I've never actually heard that. Ms has become the default in this part of the US for professional situations. Casual we're still guessing Miss/Ms/Mrs, but I never even heard Ms was for divorced women.
I wonder if that's a Uk/America thing?

@jessmahler Yeah, I'm sure it is probably just a geographical thing!

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