This is a thread about (, and a summary of my favourite bits of the very interesting TED talk by Chad Frischmann here:

It's really helpful for grassroots activism!

(And if you prefer the blog post format, here's a URL to a Tumblr version of this thread:

The general gist is that this organisation have done some in-depth research and concluded that there are 100 attainable things that we can do to start actively reducing the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere year on year by 2050, and 80 are ready to go.

This is exciting to me, because...

Whenever I see people saying "vote with your wallet" or whatever, I want to shake the whole world and be like "companies won't change because capitalism! You need to write to your democratically elected representative for legislative change!"

But when you write to them, what do you write? I had no idea what was good to ask for. All I knew to say was "climate change is really scary, please stop it!" But asking for specific and effective things at critical mass is what works.

THIS LIST. Gives you many specific things!

The list is great because the researchers took a very international long-term approach. There are actions that are applicable to the UK and the US, and there are some that are applicable to other countries and cultures, so there's something for everyone to write to their MP with.

Anyway, back to the TED talk.

#1: Refrigeration!

He said when we switched from CFCs to HFCs that helped the o-zone layer, but also when HFCs are disposed of incorrectly they're hundreds or thousands of times more climate-changing than CO2. There are also natural alternatives.

Another cool thing is, FEMINISM LITERALLY SAVES THE HUMAN RACE. Educating women and girls and making sure they have access to family planning services, when combined, are at the top of the entire list!

It also makes sense! We need more smart people working on climate change.

And finally, food. Lately there's been a lot of stuff in the news about how we need to reduce meat consumption for the sake of the environment, and this guy was careful to emphasise that it's not about going vegetarian/vegan.

He said it's about rebalancing that weird situation where some countries consume too much meat-based protein, and some other countries don't have access to enough of it.

As you can see, a lot of the food-based things in the top 20 are about animal farming in sustainable ways.


Then he raised the issue of cost, and even though it's going to cost $1 T (USD) per year, it'd save us $44 T over those 30 years. So it'd be an epic investment, financially. And that's ignoring the vast benefits of renewable energy, feminism, solving food insecurity, etc.

Anyway, the whole TED talk had more in it and was under 20 minutes long and was super interesting, so I recommend it. I hope this thread has been helpful for people who (like me) can't really digest information by video or podcast so easily. :)

I can’t speak for other countries, but in the UK there is a great free online tool that helps you write to your MP:

Please do this! We are literally facing mass extinction, and we need sweeping legal changes to make this work!

@cassolotl in the US is usually the easiest way to contact your gov officials (they do both congress and your states governor) & they can also help you write letters to the editor for your local paper

@cassolotl loved the posts. Resistbot came up just after I read it and thought it was a cool actionable item

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