Queer update: I'm poetically queer, pretty much constantly.

the playlist is PRIDE CLASSICS. then "I Feel Love" starts, but it's sounding different. it's the Sam Smith version. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!

fediblock: freespeech dot group. it's that same alt-right creep who runs freethinkers dot lgbt.

Today's gender is determination and the sound of the buzz of a cicada.

Espero que pessoas transgênero tenham pessoas que lhes apoiem ao redor de si.

the real problem with American Horror Story is that they'll NEVER be able to make a season better than Roanoke. not a joke, just a fact.

I made the #qtbipoc pride flag some years ago, on my playvicious account. I've had very few people actually ask to use it, but it has beenused in many many places. The latest is the Blue's Clues Pride video (it's about 30 seconds in)

The license for this image is pretty simple, all queer or trans BIPOC can plaster it all over their accounts as desired. Queer trans BIPOC-led org can use it as well with just attribution. Everyone else has to ask and probably pay me. Blue's Clues of course did not ask me or even bother to attribute it to me.

Is #pride really for #BIPOC, even though we started it? Corporate pride obviously doesn't think so, which pride definitely doesn't think so.


ah, the two genders:
- low pass filter
- high pass filter

RIP to boiling water... You'll be mist 😔

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