it's amazing how I'm both Chris and Caroline on the LA VITA NUOVA short film.

my experience with Docker Toolbox in Windows was not good so I will try option B: Lubuntu on a VBox VM. wish me luck!

Unskilled labor is a myth that employers use as an excuse to pay workers less.

Any labor takes some amount of skill to do. Just because quote-unquote "anyone can do it" doesn't make it unskilled. And what's more, many "unskilled jobs" are imperative to our society and its functioning. They are as important as, if not more than, the work of managers, executives, and "higher-ups."

Fuck anyone who puts you down by telling you that your work is unskilled or deserves to be exploited more. Your work is valuable. And so are you.

📢 Important PSA:

Trans rights are Human Rights.
Non-binary folks, no matter if they're trans or not, or how they present, are valid and their rights are Human Rights.

:transgender_flag: :nonbinary_flag:

she's insomniac, insomniac on the bed
and she's not sleeping like she's never not slept before

la la la la la la la la la la la la


broke: making phone calls
woke: sending audio messages
bespoke: sending only GIFs

birdsite RT, ICAR 

essa VONTADE, esse AFÃ, inclusive das pessoas LGBT+, de achar a qualquer lado e custo motivos para redimir a ICAR: Freud explica.


todo mundo comemorando a fala do papa lá eu só consigo enxergar assim


cansei do mundo, vou ver SCHITT'S CREEK.
I'm tired of the world, off to watch SCHITT'S CREEK.
m'he cansat del mon, veuré SCHITT'S CREEK.
me cansé del mundo, veré SCHITT'S CREEK.

A gente fica criando essas ciladas de agilizar a vida infinitamente atrás de uma produtividade que não faz sentido. O mundo continuaria existindo com menos pressa e menos produção.

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