good morning, it's me, everyone's favorite futch sapphic heartthrob @Torie

(eye contact selfies in media)

@byttyrs @Torie lookin like u gonna woop my ass for bringin a boy home to our 1920s farm and im loving it

@byttyrs that second picture is like my exact expression in every selfie I feel attacked

@Torie omg thank you... I'm glad the attack landed 😇😈😇

@byttyrs @Torie this is not only a really cute tribute, but also one of the greatest roasts in the history of this website

@byttyrs @Torie no doubles on rhis server! (these are so good i'm dyingg but also you look great!)

@byttyrs what’s your plan now? To post about how you want to kiss everyone on the website and then block anyone who responds?

@Torie oh fuck, you mean I'm supposed to block them? oh no, oh fuck,

@byttyrs I still can’t believe this. That face in the second goddamn pic is such a roast.

@byttyrs like its a good face but like. I take so many selfies with that exact face

@Torie listen... when I first got to Mastodon and started seeing your selfies I was like "Great, excellent, Torie is already occupying my whole niche"

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