ahh, anticommunist dystopian fiction... manipulating the shit out of your emotions and cynically distorting Left critique to convince you that there is a single cohesive thing called 'totalitarianism,' equally well-represented by fascism and socialism, and to which the only viable alternative is Good Old Capitalist Utopia (Where Men Are Trueley Free) in American primary school curricula since uhhhhhhh

it kinda seems like the 'strawman fallacy' only really exists in Western rhetorical thought to be applied against leftists' critique? dramatically misrepresenting Marx and Marxists is called Incisive Satire

@byttyrs the people on here constantly going on about totalitarianism need to read another book!!!

@wintgenstein choosing to read Animal Farm instead of Atlas Shrugged in whatever grade you got fed dystopian propaganda fiction is cool and all but that still might be a set of ideas to return to, critically,

@byttyrs actually the strawman fallacy is older than marx, and is all over the field philosophy through the years, however libertarians and fascists lately just love calling everything they don’t like a strawman, including and especially things which are definitely not strawmen

@tibius did I... make a claim... about the age of the strawman fallacy...

like you follow up with "libertarians and fascists lately..." but my whole thought above was expressed in the present tense? and, yeah, sometimes that can express 'timeless' beliefs, so it's a little ambiguous, but you could always have, like, asked me to clarify or something. it's a bad look to jump in with "actually [rebuttal to thing I didn't clearly say]," because as it happens I AM talking about a present condition

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