I kinda wanna write a thing about the whiteness of vaporwave which is hard to do because its so so anonymous

but you've got people like yung bae who are pretty open right-leaning assholes, and the whole aspect that vaporwave is a lot less interesting musically if you'd been paying attention to hip hop, like, at all, and in particular chopped and screwed music

early vaporwave was pretty explicitly anti capitalist. it was distributed for free exclusively online and was largely made by either LGBT people, people in contemporary art circles, or both

as time went on the anti-capitalist themes of vaporwave faded away, it became increasingly made by mediocre white men, and it became less about challenging the aesthetic and more about bathing in it

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wait what? how does being LGBT or from the contemporary artworld context make you anti-capitalist by default?


@rhmb @realmaxkeeble can't speak for Max but I don't think "either LGBT or from the contemporary art world" is supposed to be read as the cause of the anti-capitalism! early vaporwave is a parody of pie-in-the-sky dot-com boom capitalist promises about the future, and what those promises eventually actually returned on the Internet

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