mountain scene, vector drawing. (c) 2018 Mads Viande

I like working with additive color mixing, the way pure colors of light mix to form lighter colors in a different hue!

@byttyrs this is Extremely My Shit
Vaguely christmassy
Black background
Looks like some kinda vaporwave shit
Hell yeah

@Wewereseeds aw, damn, I was afraid it might look Christmassy w/the bigass pointy stars >:/

I'm glad you like it tho!!! just not what I was going for

@byttyrs okay, to be fair, i'm in the christmassy mindset. Maybe make the stars more plentiful and smaller?

@byttyrs i see pine and clay and slate beneath a bitter winter evening

you don't create content

you are the artist

this is art

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