@fosstodon hey, I'm on Ubuntu 18, I need to re-install, and so I need to back up my files. only problem is, EVERY time I run a backup I accidentally include something that will cause me bizarre and subtle problems when I restore from it. do you have tips for a power luser?

@byttyrs @fosstodon Make sure you are only backing up your home directory. How are you making the backup?

I just did a backup from Xubuntu 16.04 to move to Debian testing. I backed up my entitre home folder, but I moved files/folders over to the new install one at a time as-needed. You should be fine with dumping your whole home folder in without problems, but in my case I was trying to weed out a bunch of built up crud and learn more about which files do what on the system.

@byttyrs @fosstodon late to the party but I think that if you just back up the folders in your home directory ( documents, music, etc) you should be fine. Doing a complete backup will include quite a few dot files that make up user prefs and that could be borking your reinstalls...

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