short dudes are hot but short dudes who are insecure about being short are the most annoying people on Earth

listen. embrace being a small man. it's cute as fuck. I always said I wanted a man who was small enough for me to pick him up and strong enough for him to pick me up. short men of the world: unite and stop lying about your height

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honestly the funniest thing about talking about how hot I think short men are is, NO men like when I do that. short men get pissy about being valued for this thing they don't like about themselves, and tall men get pissy about not being overvalued for their height for once in their fucking lives. interpolate between for medium-height men, almost all men hate when I invert their desirability metrics

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tl;dr, I have a thing for short fat bald hairy dudes and it whips ass

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@byttyrs (men are so fragiiiiile please be careful with them)

@Lexi @byttyrs Awww, there's heaps of 'em and they keep reproducing, the odd broken one shouldn't matter to much in the big picture.

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