reminder that dumping on monarchs is literally what freedom of speech is for- not racism and transphobia- never racism and transphobia. shitting on monarchs was always the point, and if we can’t do that you can’t say we have freedom of speech. that’s literally the test. period.

you should probably shit on monarchs even if you actually like them or are indifferent- just to exercise and keep your right to do it

well that’s it. that’s my most populae post ever

@bri_seven Shitting on monarchs is the “at the time what did they mean” literal interpretation of the US Constitution, it's completely unarguable that shitting on monarchs is not part of freedom of speech

@nytpu and the very next rule was the right to shoot and kill monarchs

@bri_seven I just stumbled on a mention of Tom Nairn's The Enchanted Glass about The British Monarchy. Chomsky's mention of it was easier to read than the excerpts I found though:

@bsmall2 @bri_seven this really helps articulate and synthesize a lot of the stuff i've been kinda vaguely but incoherently mulling over about the real meaning of all this pomp and nincompoopery

@bri_seven Years ago, I found an old 16th century book of English legal statutes in a used bookstore. It actually spelled out in quite great detail how free speech developed in response to Queen Elizabeth I trying to shut off parliamentary debate on a number of subjects, mostly related to religion. It definitely put things in perspective for me.

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