financial dependence is *such* an effective tool of abuse, that we really should be working together as a society for things like ubi, and universal health care, if for no other reason than to reduce the levels of power abusive employers, spouses and parents have over theur victims.

it wasn’t obvious to me but it’s so clear now that virtually all conservative policies are about increasing those power imbalances

i forgot public housing and landlords, my god, some of them pressure their tenants into sex by threat of eviction!

please help my friend Virgile afford an MRI.


Hey fedi friends,

I'm so sorry to make this begpost, but it's for a really really important exam: a brain MRI to see if I have a brain cancer.

It's scheduled on September 21th.

It's gonna cost 194,75€ and living only on my disability benefits, I can't afford it...

Any help would be truly appreciated please, even a boost would be a lot already. Thank you so much 💙


if you’re still in a giving mood, please help my friend Audrea escape an abusive and dangerous situation. she currently needs $178 U.S.


let me tell you about Aundrea.
Aundrea is a young black trans woman who lives in new york and recently escaped her transphobic and abusive parents. she’s been living on her own and i don’t know the details but aug 29 she sent me a request for $178 at a time when i am more broke than i have ever been. the request reads “i am in a very bad situation and need help so nothing happens to me.”

i can’t help her but maybe someone out there can: and if you can help me make a link that would be great.

can someone help me make a proper paypal link for Aundrea? my tech chops fail me here

@bri_seven Hi, I believe that Aundrea can create a link for her own account at
Sorry, don't know what you can do yourself

@bri_seven suburban living feels like a way of fostering dependency to an extreme, food and other groceries being miles away feels like either a designed or unintended benefit towards a power-imbalanced society that says "you need me to survive"

@bri_seven and rural living too of course, the independence of a walkable city bothers these types of people because you dont need to ask somebody to take you anywhere, you just go. you have the autonomy.

source: lived in the suburbs with abusive family for 2 decades

@bri_seven ultimately it feels like abusers dont want you to even have the ability to choose because they know they are the inferior choice

ubi, financial abuse 

@bri_seven yes yes yes . this. 100% this.

there are people who are anti-ubi because ubi is a tool of capitalism attempting to prevent its own collapse. if it succeeds then it can help maintain capitalism and all the systemic rot that make ubi necessary.

but what you've said here is my eternal response. no amount of socialised healthcare, affordable housing, etc, could equal the freedom afforded to abuse victims by knowing they are entitled to x amount of money, forever.

ubi, financial abuse 

@bri_seven even if their abusers control their accounts and therefore their ability to access that money, the fact that they are legally entitled to it should help people move to a friend's place as a temporary measure, knowing that the financial support to make that viable is only barred by getting control of their accounts or at least the ubi payments

ubi isn't a magic fix-all, companies would try to suck up everyone's ubi cash, but it could still do so much for abused ppl

ubi, financial abuse 

@Yza absolutely- i have always supported UBI only conditionally- as the last step in the multiprongued socialisation of public services. if you make it the first step there is still so many opportunities for abuse

ubi, financial abuse 

@Yza the big one is housing: ubi does not neutralise a landlord’s power, it only increases it

ubi, financial abuse 

@bri_seven and you just know the media would be all too happy to do the landlords work for them and frame ubi as a brilliant move by the govt to help landlords recover from covid and provide housing to everyone, regardless of the facts

ubi, financial abuse 

@bri_seven the main value i see people getting out of ubi in such a scenario is people escaping abuse. they may not be able to cover rent, but if they can room with someone without affecting rent they could at least cover food, help cover power, etc

@bri_seven I think it was Corey Robin who said what conservatism offers in exchange for living at the mercy of those above you in the hierarchy is the same power over those below you: employers over employees, landlords over tenants, husbands over wives, parents over children, and so on

@bri_seven That totally tracks. Like how nearly all of their complaints about liberals in the US are projections of their own atrocious behavior, they campaign against the "nanny state" because they want to be the only ones controlling (really, tightening) the purse strings.

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